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Michael Kor Rings – Now’s watches are a timeless accessory that never grows old, even more so now that there are so many designer watches, men’s diamond watches, and women’s diamond watches to choose from. Watches are one of the most timeless artifacts that have ever been invented. From heavy place wooden grandfather clocks into dainty diamond watches, the history of timepieces is a truly a remarkable development.

The initial watches evolved from their larger ancestor portable spring-driven clocks that first emerged in the 15th century in Europe. The term “watch” is thought to have come from an Old English term “woecce”, which can loosely be translated as “watchman”. The fact of the matter is the fact that watches were first invented to help the city’s watchmen keep tabs on their shifts and also to help sailors time the length of their shipboard watches, or obligation shifts.

You could say, watches began as a gentleman’s practical pocket knick-knack since watches were not raised to the title of “wrist watch” before the 1920s. The initial watches often had covers and were carried in its owner’s pocket or attached to a watch series. By the 1920’s with equality between men and women being a popular contentious subject of fascination, the pocket view discovered itself being changed to a wristwatch for women called a Wristlet. The population of male pocket view bearers revolted the idea by stating they would “sooner use a skirt than wear a wristwatch”.

But fortune was about to alter that, when World War 1 compelled battlefield soldiers to choose a more sensible approach to “assessing the time” than rooting around in their pocket to locate their watch. Soldiers soon began to strap their pocket watches to their wrists with leather straps in a bid to “spare time”. Legend also has it that the German Imperial Navy attached their pocket watches to their wrists much earlier in the 1880s while hammering naval strikes and shooting artillery.

The transition from practicality to vogue for watches came considerably later throughout the 1950s and reached its ultimate high throughout the 1980s when Hip Hop altered the culture of the audio industry and style. One of the more memorable accounts of the early days of men’s diamond watches was when Rock-n-Roll celebrity, Buddy Holly, died in 1959 wearing his 14 karat white gold Omega watch with 45 single cut diamonds. Fans received the news with a combination of devastation within his passing and awe at his glamorous lifestyle. This of course, sent lovers in a frenzy over how they too can emulate their celebrity’s fashionable taste. The Omega watch soon became the most famous men’s diamond watch ever.

Hip Hop afterwards brought a drastic change in jewellery and style civilizations as diamond watches, diamond pendants, and gold chains became must-have things for producing iconic “bling”. Nowadays watches aren’t simply a practical accessory, but a symbol of riches, a status symbol. Diamond watches have officially evolved into affordable, fashionable, and practical men’s diamond watches as well as women’s diamond watches that are a little more within reach.

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