Matching Sister Rings


matching-sister-rings Matching Sister Rings

Matching Sister Rings – Among the most common repairs people have is getting their ring corrected to match. Most rings are produced at a “stock size.” The stock size for women is typically a size 6 and a 10 for men. Most people don’t wear a “stock size,” most rings need to be sized by a jeweler for comfortable wear.

I equate it to buying jeans. Short, regular, tall size choices can really make a huge difference. The fit of the jeans also comes into play.

Ring Sizing Factors to Take into Account

(A shank is the base of this ring) A narrow ring shank will fit otherwise (smaller ring size) on your finger than a broad shank (substantially larger size). By way of example, I use a size 3.5 on my ring finger for a thin shank, and a 6 on a broad band. This means that while your wife wears a size five to her engagement ring, it does not mean she’ll wear exactly the same size if you add a broad band to it. Have a little time to look at your fingers, palm side up, and you will see that the finger gets thicker towards the knuckle.

Layout of this ring. A ring with a flat top, invisible group stones, or tiny side stones might not be able to stretch/shrink to fit you. A jeweler will be able tell you that the limits of this ring. An example: A dimension 9 channel set anniversary band cannot be sized down to a size 5. Two dimensions is generally the max range of adjustment for rings with stones. Rings with squared off shanks are more difficult to size and will cost somewhat more labor wise because the jeweler has to make two adjustments. (like taking up a dress from the sides instead of the rear seam) A excellent jeweler should be able to replicate the milgrain (tiny beaded edge) or even ridges/designs following the sizing is completed.

Engraving. If your rings have been engraved on the interior, remember to ask to have the ring re-engraved before you leave it using all the jeweler for sizing. The re-engraving is generally added, but it beats having a ring which reads, “Never t artwork.”

Ring Material. Some rings cannot be sized. Tungsten, stainlesssteel, and titanium rings come to mind. When folks buy these rings, they simply have to buy new ones if they gain/lose weight. Some tension set rings also shouldn’t be sized. Plated rings (gold over silver was made more popular with Macys, Kmart, and soaring gold prices) could be sized, but most jewelers will refuse them because the plating comes off using the warmth of the jeweler’s torch. Should you fall in love with a costume or weathered ring, then don’t despair… Purchase it as close to your size as possible. A simple ring protector can be worn to make it longer “wearable.”

“Temperamental” stones. They need to get re-set after that, so this explains why it takes longer and costs a bit more.

Platinum vs. White Gold. Platinum jewelry is similar to owning a Cadillac. I once had a broken bolt and spent $800 to replace the whole wheel. Platinum is more rare than white gold, making it and its “parts” more costly. Without fail platinum jewelry is a great deal more costly to service and repair. Platinum scratches more and tends to “bend” instead of break. Platinum is denser and feel “heavier” than a golden ring of the same size. White gold is an alloy of white metals, such as nickel and silver combined with pure yellow gold. This mixture is why white gold seems “yellowish white.” To overcome this, most producers rhodium plate white gold. Rhodium is a part of the platinum family and gives white gold that the “white-white” look of platinum. With exposure to chemicals (bleach), wear and tear, or perspiration, the rhodium plating can come off. If your rhodium starts to wear off, it can be touched up with a jeweler.

Sizing Options A common ring sizing problem is “big knuckles, skinny palms” I see that this one every day, and it impacts people with arthritis the most. There are choices for adding elastic pubs, gold beads (bishop lumps), as well as hinged bands to the bottom of rings to make them even more comfortable. These choices vary greatly in cost, so ask for your choices at the repair counter. A common problem with the major knuckle audience is: when the ring is over the knuckle, it flops around. In years past we have installed a broader shank to counter balance the weight from the surface of the ring. A ring protector is generally the least expensive choice to solve this dilemma.

Sizing vs. Stretching Rings are corrected to match by extending if they: A. have sufficient metal at the shank to deal with the adjustment without getting too thin B. are being corrected up to a half size. The alloy is corrected without adding extra metal to it. Rings are sized when they’re cut and either reduced or expanded. Jewelers reform the shank by heating it and melting liquid gold into the seam to re-seal it. If the ring has been expanded, the jeweler will add a sheet of gold to the ring and melt the gold into both sides of the piece. This can be the more expensive of the two choices and more time consuming.

Need your ring size? We recommend getting it sized with a professional in person. Another choice is to bring into a ring which matches to get comparatively sized. Your ring size may vary up to 3 ring dimensions throughout the course of this day. Factors included: weather finger shrink from the cold and swell in the warmth, diet (salty food can swell fingers), time of month (self explanatory, women), and time of day (I wake up with skinny fingers and go to bed with fat ones). If your ring does not match perfectly, you might want to wear it for a few days to see how the fit fluctuates. Going with an ice cold office into the searing heat outside can cause huge changes.

Ring sizing is a intricate repair. 1 indisputable fact: you will not wear the jewelry if it’s the wrong size. Talk to the neighborhood jewelry repair technician about any further questions you might have. Remember every ring differs, and don’t be afraid to take “hopeless tasks” to get a second opinion.

Ring sizing is finished same day ceremony at Rose Diamonds Custom Design & Repair onsite in our “open seat” jewelry repair center. We have been sizing rings for industrial accounts in addition to individuals for years, and welcome you to swing by with some queries, “hopeless jobs,” or even free jewelry cleaning.