Citizens Mens Eco Drive Watch


citizens-mens-eco-drive-watch Citizens Mens Eco Drive Watch

Citizens Mens Eco Drive Watch – Produced under orders of Stalin, the First State Watch Factory was the first Soviet attempt at manufacturing watch movements and watches. Throughout the Soviet era this mill manufactured lots of watches, notably Poljot watches. These watches were used by the Soviet Armed Forces and therefore are required to be of an extremely large quality as a result. The mill also made the air force standard difficulty ‘Navigator’ watch worn by Yuri Gagarin on his historic first manned space flight.

Back in 1966, Sekonda was founded in the United Kingdom. Sekonda imported the Poljot and Raketa watches from the USSR and then re-badged them with the Sekonda name. These high quality, reliable watches were comparatively cheap and so were very successful. On account of the addition of quartz movements, Sekonda moved production to Hong Kong and started making more stylish watches using this new technology. Fantastic advertising abilities and a variety of great watches led Sekonda to sell more watches than any other manufacturer in the UK in 1988. This position was held ever since because of an ever expanding, innovative assortment of watches.

In 1998, the watch market started to expand with a number of style watch manufacturers designing and fabricating their own style watches. Rather than increasing the general earnings of watches, this led to market share being spread more thinly across all of the watch brands and it became evident that Sekonda watches would need to increase in order to keep its market leading position.

In 2004, Sekonda watches added the stylish and contemporary ladies Seksy watch lineup to it’s range. The Seksy watch range was to be aimed in the 25 to 35 age group and would build on the well known and successful Sekonda watch brand name. This brand recognition would instil customer confidence in this new range of ladies Seksy watches. The initial Seksy watch range consisted of eleven watch models and with some excellent marketing campaigns and some very smart and innovative watch designs, a variety of these Seksy ladies watches quickly became the best sellers. The achievement of the Seksy watch manufacturer prompted Sekonda to expand the Seksy watch lineup to around twelve versions inside a year.

A year following the launching of the ladies Seksy watches, Sekonda introduced the Sekonda One range of watches. The Sekonda One watches are trend watches aimed at guys and women, similarly to the ladies Seksy watches, adhere to Sekonda’s winning philosophy of supplying exceptional quality watches at a low price point. Both lines have since been heavily advertised.

An extremely popular Seksy watch lineup is the Seksy Hidden Hearts ladies watch, a polished chrome plated bracelet view comprising of interlinked heart shapes forming the bracelet and case, a mother of pearl dial and Swarovski crystals placed from the case and dial using a top quality Japanese quartz movement. Another popular Seksy watch is the Seksy Eclipse ladies view, a Swarovski rock set chrome plated quartz watch with an ‘eclipse’ design integrated into the case and every watch connection. Other ladies Seksy watches include the Seksy Curve ladies watch and the Seksy Electra ladies watch, both chrome plated, rock set contemporary designs with beautiful shapes.

Sekonda’s most important lineup of watches consist of numerous chrome and gold plated dress watches for women and men with virtually every style imaginable. Many watch lines use popular enlarging bracelets for advantage and standard bracelet watches and leather strap watches are also available in abundance, all with the same high quality and standards of workmanship that have led to a less than one % return speed.

On account of their outstanding value for money, Sekonda watches are the UK’s best selling watch brand for the last two decades. The Sekonda range includes numerous trendy dress watches for women and men in gold plated, stainless steel and bi-colour designs as well as contemporary or classic rock collection watches. Sekonda also manufacture SEKSY watches, an exceptionally popular and contemporary fashion manufacturer also available on our site. Our Sekonda watches include a high quality movement and include a two year Sekonda guarantee.

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