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Best Engagement Ring Stores – Longines watches have been revered by the watch fans throughout the planet for having aesthetic looks expressing your attitude brightly. Each fine cut mingles in the dial in such a manner that you love to flow with the style of this watch. Longines is one of the few watch brands that keep artistic worth of the watches in the top over other things. Their watches are amazing and elegant evoking the rich experience of this brand in the watchmaking. Each timepiece has produced a different style statement which traces traditional essence through watchmaking. It’s known as ‘the new elegance’ by the watch fans and it has timepieces fusing both classic charms and urban beauty. The content brings out the inner luxury of Longines watches via some timepieces that remain charming always into the watch fans.

L3.659.4.58.6 – Stay true to classics:

Watches with classic charm have always been famous at the home of Longines. Having a captivating style and a balanced layout, this view remains to be men’s favourite. It’s a real classic bit fashioned with the 41mm black dial, where silver hands and indicators seem mischievous. Having an inscription of this new name in silver, the dial appears just like a traditional bit maintained carefully for you. You candid appeal gets a perfect match with the watch. The stainless steel strap of this watch is as handsome as the other details.

This view belongs from one of the famous watch collections of this new – Equestrian watches. The collection reveals a passionate and prĂ©cised look familiar with the equestrian world. The 22mm rectangular dial retains the best splendor of artwork through the details such as diamonds hour markers and erratic blue palms. It’s no short of a magical piece which brings out your happy disposition and elevates your style superbly. With the silver bezel and the stainless steel strap, it circles your wrist with its slim and dynamic attitude. This women’s bit of jewellery admires your gesture in the area of style. The iconic hourglass logo with the title of this new looks magnificent on the dial.

Girls are glamorous and daring. They reveal a true joy of presence through their lifestyle. Such characters have to be admired. This is the reason Longines introduced La Grande Classique – a union between conventional beauty and a contemporary fantasy. The 30mm wide silver dial is adorned with incredibly crafted black Roman numerals and narrow hands. The pattern on the dial is imaginative and adds a visual apology into the watch. With the silver bezel and the stainless steel strap, it calms your wrist creating your appearance charming.

L4.759.4.11.6 – Add elegance to your personality:

Hailed out of La Grande Classique collection, it’s a watch which allows you find out what elegance means. The 33mm silver dial is presented glamorously with Roman numerals and handson. The appearance is, undoubtedly, classic which adds a soothing glow into the look of this watch. A darling charm dissipates from the dial into the stainless steel strap which steals your heart away. Longines layouts watches for individuals regardless their style needs. The glowing ray that radiates from the craftsmanship of this watch is universal and timeless. A nice detail exquisitely cuddles your wrist and provides your personality a loving touch. Longines constantly epitomises an adorable character of women through their timepieces. This view follows the heritage in accordance with the expectation.

L5.655.5.88.7 – Feel a melodious rhythm of the life:

The Dolcevita – the title is as melodious as its significance. The 27mm rectangular mother of pearl dial is detailed with diamonds hour markers and blue palms. Showcasing an Italian way of living through layouts, this view provides a gentle touch on the wrist of the wearers. A grand moment sub-dial in 6 o’clock position enriches the artwork of this watch loving women’s captivating style.

Longines watches say the beauty of the Swiss watches expressing a nice and fascinating hint. These watches beautifully explain brand’s artistic layouts which exude the hearts of both men and women for ages.

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